Household Tool Kit

Every tools you could use at home.

Complete Varieties

Most tools you need

Easy to Storage

Compact Bag or Case

Treatment for Metal

Heat Treated and Chrome Plated

Eco Friendly

Healthy Material

High Quality

Comply with Local Standards

Popular Tool Set

A Great Gift Idea


Logo Or Brand Accepted


12 to 24 Months

Household tool kit, also called household tool set, household kit, etc. It is a set of manual tools that are kept together and that are often used for some works.  Including tools needed for most small repairs and basic DIY projects around the home. Perfect for Driver, mechanics, Handyman’s, repairmen, construction workers, body shops etc. Also a great gift idea to do promotion or something else.

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Notable Advantages

Flexible MOQ

As a directl manufacturer, we could provide diverse preferential MOQ as per your request.

Custom Quality

The treatment of metal, the class of the material, every tool can be customized, and of well-certified quality.

Fast Delivery

With the strong partnership with suppliers, direct control to the prductions, we could alwasy provide you the fastest deliveyr.

Corresponding Applications:

Get A Sample

Tell us your ideas about the kit, we will assemble the sample for you to touch and sense our kit quality.