Car Emergency Kit

We are the direct manufacturer of car emergency safety roadside assistant kit for more than 12 years.

High Quality

Several Process of Inspection

Lead Free

SGS/TUV Tested

Phthalates Free

SGS/TUV Tested​

FDA Certificate

First Aid Kit Approved

High Performance

Performance Tested by 3rd Party

Sample Provided

Testing and Evaluation

Factory Audit

ISO 9001


Up to 24 months

The car emergency kit series that is a very necessary and important kit for the car owners. This product line is thoughtfuly designed with various tools aiming for providing the car owners with the best preparation in the emergency situation.

Considering the greater number of uses, Flexible budget controls, large market, and more practical factors, car emergency kit are more suitable for promotion projects, premium gifts and online sales for their cost benefits, good presentation and better reviews.

Holatools is the direct and professional manufacturer of the car emergency kit for more than 10 years. We have rich expeirence of production to provide the fast delivery and high quality control. With our strength of the supply chains and bulk purchase, we also could give you a possbile lowest offer.

  Holatools have the equipment and machines such like sew machines, injection molding machines, packing machines, etc, we are able to produce the tool bags, jumper cables, towing ropes, tire repair kits, screwdrivers, safety hammers, plastic case and more. The produciton ablity make us not a trading compny but a professional factory

And for these years, since year of 2010, we compared and test many suppliers of the items we dont procue, to build a sturdy and quality supply chain. This supply chain support us good price and high quality products like multi-functional tools, Warning triangles, Air compressors, First aid kits, Safety reflective vests, flashlights, headlights, gloves, etc. These products you could find in our car emergency kit parts page. Or any items you want to put into the bag, you could inquiry us directly, we will make a breakdown for your reference. 

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Notable Advantages

Complete Supply Chain

For every parts of the kit, we’ve build long terms relationship. It guarantee us to provide you the quality products in good time.

Skilled Packaging Line

More than 4 groups trained wokres makes the kit in the bag organized and clean and external packing well displayed as designed.

Customizable Properties

As a pioneer OEM car emergency kit manufacturer, we provide expert products completely custom to your ideas.

Corresponding Applications

Get A Sample

Tell us your ideas about the kit, we will assemble the sample for you to touch and sense our kit quality.